Beadbi of Khanda and Words “Wahe Guru” in ADULT Film

Beadbi Alert

Former Bigg Boss Contestant Nirahua has produced a film which has done beadbi and hurt Sikh Sentiments by using the Sikh religious Symbol Khanda on a poster of a Bhojpuri Adult film. This beadbi has come to light recently by a Singh who posted regarding this film. The film makers have committed multiple acts of beadbi by using the Khanda as a logo and using “Wahe Guru” part of a company called “Waheguru Movies.”


This is unacceptable as the religious symbol Khanda has deep meaning in Sikh Philosopy and shouldn’t be inappropriately used. However, the more shocking this of all is the use of the divine words “Wahe Guru” part of the companies name. No Sikh group has yet filed any complaint. Stay tuned for updates.

The below was found on the details regarding this particular film:
“Nirahua Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. presents Waheguru Movies latest bhojpuri movie ‘Rikshawala I Love You’. Its a love story, Pakhi will seen playing female lead opposite Dinesh Lal Yadav. Bhojpuri Super Star Nirahua now playing again the role of a rikshawala, who starts pulling riksha to earn a living, this poor young man is very helpful and always ready to help others. This bhojpuri film is directed by Ajay Shrivastav and produced by Bitu Sardar. Music has been composed by Rajesh- Rajnish.”

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