Beadbi, “Bride” Sits on Throne With Back to Guru Ji in Glen Cove Gurdwara, NY

Update: Now Photographer has written letter of appology: See Here: Photographer Apologised

A Nonsikh bride by the name of Sonal Parmar for the sake of taking pictures has committed beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. The incident happened at Glen Cove Gurdwara Sahib in New York where the bride literally sat on Guru Ji’s throne and had her back to Guru ji which has caused outrage in the worldwide Sikh community. The wedding was interfaith between a person from white descent and a Hindu and from the pictures it appears it happened outside of the Gurdwara Sahib in traditional Hindu marriage style.

Gurdwara committe members along with the Granthi have come under fire as many are asking why such an act was even allowed. The Singh who exposed this Gurminder Singh Writes: “To everyone else the main issues is in my mind is that she has had the audacity to sit on Guru Maharaj’s throne then to sit with her back to Maharaj. Be this out of ignorance, stupidity or on photographers request even my 5 year knows that its wrong. Now regards to committee I think they are over all to blame with the Photographer and all should publicly be made to apologies to Maharaj and Sangat for allowing such Beadbi to happen.

And GS Atwal I said “Heads of Committee should resign” and im sure they can be easily be replaced by a sangat voted person who has Gurmath thinking…


Many have already been sending this model/bride messages to question her why she did this and to remove all pictures as it hurts Sikh sentiments. Ajmer Singh wrote to her “Ajmer Singh Randhawa – Mrs. Sonal parmar,
What you have earned by keeping your back, sitting at thorne of eternal Guru of sikh religion, marked dis-respect to the Guru around whom you took four circles to tie the knot of your wedding life but see what your destiny is?
You are being cursed for your act all over the world, i do not think if your marriage will be a happy wedding life but the curses may not take your happiness from your life.
It will be better to apologize from Panth and pray for forgiveness from the guru and panth both as the soul of Guru is in the Panth.
Now it’s your choice whether wants to pass your life with curse from sangat or pray for forgiveness and a happy married life.
Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


People are politely asking her to destroy all pictures as perhaps she is unaware of Sikh code of conduct but are holding the Gurdwara Committee responsible.

You can contact her for answers here: Sonal Parmar



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