Beadbi: Alcohol Served in “Yogi Mandir” on Gurdwara Land (Video)

Pind Chahal Zilla Nawanshar, a Singh has brought to light a Gurdwara Sahib and a Yogi Mandir sharing property. The Yogi Mandir serves alcohol and people donate bottle of alcohol in the hopes good things will happen to them.

However, the Nishan Sahib is on the same property and the Sarovaar of the Gurdwara is on the Yogi Mandir side where alcohol is used frequently.

The Singh states the people who visit the mandir often do drugs and drink alcohol inside and outside. Gurbani is written on the walls of the Sarovaar and shockingly immediately next to the sarovaar alcohol is consumed.

The Singh requests Sikh leaders to take note of this beadbi and immediately find a solution to end this beadbi.

beadbi pind chahal

Alcohol Yogi Mandir on Gurdwara Land by dailysikhupdates

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