BBC Recognizes Sikhs Feed Homeless Warm Meals in Freezing Weather in UK

The Guru Nanak’s Mission charity gets recognized by the BBC for feeding free meals to the homeless in Nottingham, UK. The charity has been preparing food at the local Gurdwara Sahib in Nottingham.
The young Sikhs spend their weekends feeding the homeless in the UK they were inspired by Sikhs from Derby, UK. The Singh says it was started by youth in the city of Derby he see alot demand and need for this. Now the youth are feeding in Nottingham twice a week.

Now this group joins 3 other Sikhs groups who are serving free food to the poor and homeless throughout UK. The other groups are the Sikh Awareness and Welfare Team, Midlands Langar Seva Society, and Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen.

Project gets done by donations of the volunteers and they feel while they can’t make a difference in Africa and other countries they are starting first locally. The homeless were so happy and excited to see the Sikh youth both of the nights. One of the homeless person stated he got very excited to see the Singhs as he knows at least today he doesn’t have to go to sleep hungry.

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