BBC program on the misuse of the Sikh wedding ceremony. Commentors put forward their views on the issue that occurred at the Leamington Gurdwara Sahib in the UK where the Sikh Youth protested against the violation of Sikh Tenets and Akal Takht orders.

Many people have misunderstood the issue involving Sikh ceremonies in Gurdwara Sahibs. Sikhs do not oppose weddings between people of two separate religions. However, both parties have to be Sikh or on the path of Sikhi to have the sacred Anand Karaj Ceremony. This means that both the groom and bride have to commit to following Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the teachings. Otherwise, the prestigious Sikh wedding ceremony is disrespected and considered a sham or fake.

The groom or bride who doesn’t wish to accept the holy scriptures as their eternal Guru can settle for an ardas or conduct a civil marriage. It’s the same as a Christian can only be married to a Christian in a Church and a Muslim can only marry a Muslim in a Mosque.

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