BBC Names Satpal Singh as “Heroes of Nairobi Westgate attack”

Satpal Singh

Eyewitness Satpal Singh: “People were running in all directions, there were loud shots being fired… nobody was doing anything about it”


Satpal was at Westgate for a business meeting, close to a children’s cooking competition going on in the complex’s car park.

As gunshots and explosions began to ring out in the complex, Mr Singh ran downstairs to see what he could do to help.

After being shot at by one of the attackers, Mr Singh returned to the top floor, ushering people into the complex’s cinema hall and telling a security guard to put the shutters down.

Mr Singh then asked the cinema staff to direct them towards the fire exit, which led back onto the roof terrace.

After barricading the door behind them, Mr Singh made his way back down to the basement with the rest of the group and “started pushing people out through the gate onto the streets very fast”.

“Once we got everybody out, the policeman who was with us went towards the basement to see if there was anybody there, or any terrorists, and he got shot in the leg and he dropped his gun so we had to bring him back out,” Mr Singh told the BBC.

He asked other armed police officers to go back upstairs with him to help other people escape.

“They didn’t help us, so we decided to go up there again by ourselves,” Mr Singh said.

“We found people with gunshot wounds – that’s why blood is on my shoes. We carried them on our shoulders down the fire escape.”

Source: BBC

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