On International Women’s Day, BBC released a list of some of the fearless women in history. The list consisted of women who stood up to oppression and challenges of the time. The list which is titled “most badass women in history” is receiving tremendous attention as it also includes a Sikh woman named Mata Bhag Kaur Ji popularly known as Mai Bhago.

Here is an excerpt from about Mata Bhag Kaur Ji from BBC:

“Mai Bhago: Late 1600s-Early 1700s

Our final little-known legend is Mai Bhago. In a time of war, when Sikhs and Mughals were going at it non-stop, it all ended up being a bit too much for some. But not Mai Bhago. When 40 Sikhs from her village decided to give up and leave their Guru, she wasn’t having any of it.

After the men returned home, Mai didn’t talk to them and try and get them to change their minds. No. She suited up in her husband’s armour and led by example, embarrassing the 40 Sikhs into following her into battle.

Under her lead, the men managed to force the Mughals back and while none of them actually survived the fracas, they were at least forgiven by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. As for Mai Bhago, she was so good on the battlefield that the Guru decided to make her his bodyguard…

So there we have it. Three badass trailblazers – may there be many more to come!”

Read the full list here: BBC

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