BBC in their special “World Update in Pictures” has a featured some of the best beards in the world. The collection of photographs are quite impressive and it also features a Kaur with a beard.

Harnam Kaur made international headlines because of her beard last year which spread awareness about a condition she has which causes her to grow facial hair called Polycystic Ovaries. The condition enables certain male hormones to grow official hair to operate.

However, for a Sikh man or woman kesh is one of the 5 articles of faith and so Harnam has embraced her facial hair.

Photographer Brock Elbank invited dozens of bearded men – and one bearded woman (seen above) – to his studio to celebrate the enduring appeal of the beard across different countries.

For him and his subjects it’s not just to do with fashion but with self-expression, culture and – in one instance – illness

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