BBC Airs Program on Issue of Sikh Interfaith Marriage in UK

Apparently, BBC read our article on a Sikh group’s announcement to stop all interfaith marriages across the UK and decided to air a program on the issue.

A Sikh youth group in UK has announced that it will peacefully protest all interfaith weddings at UK Gurdwaras.

It’s already stopped two interfaith weddings -and there is anecdotal evidence that over the past couple of years this has been an increasing trend.

The youth group met with the Gurdwara committees and peacefully resolved the Anand Karaj from taking place. Interfaith marriages are prohibited in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj as both bride and groom must be committed to Sikhi and believe and practice the teachings of the Guru.

The Sikh Council UK has issued guidelines on the issue. The option of a court marriage or other type of marriage outside a Gurdwara is always available for those who wish to marry interfaith.

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