In his first in depth television interview since being appointed Minister of National Defense, Harjit Sajjan speaks about his experiences as a soldier in Afghanistan, his time working with the Vancouver Police Department, and the questions he’s preparing to ask the Generals about expanding the ground mission against ISIS in Syria.

When asked how Harjit Sajjan deals with racial comments he stated, “In any institution like the military especially in uniform you need to have the up most leadership and integrity, It doesn’t phase me at all and I feel in the chain of command it will be dealt with.”

He responded to a question on ISIS and Canada’s response he said, “We have to do our part, the military is already ready. We will make sure when the plan is in way and we will let everyone know. We shouldn’t fear ISIS and the Canadian population should have faith in the military service. We don’t need to fear it and figure it out responsibily.”

Regarding the military’s response to ISIS, he said, “when we bring a military option, it will have a meaningful plan.” Regarding, America having an influence on the Canadian air campaign he said, “We are in discussions and will discuss with our allies.”

Regarding the overall picture he said, “training will be absolute importance when dealing with ISIS.”

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