Battle of Panipat 1761

Ahmed Shah Abdali had abducted 2200 Young Girls, When Sikhs came to know of this, they rushed their forces, fought against Abdali’s Troops, and Rescued the women and brought them back to their homes as far as Maharashtra. This Event was even recorded by Qazi Nur Mohammed who accompanied Abdali on his seventh invasion of India and had the opportunity to observe the Sikh character personally, had this to say about them in his book “Jang Nama”: “Truly they (the Sikhs) are like lions in battle and they surpass Hatim in generosity in times of peace. Leaving aside their mode of fighting, hear ye another point in which they excel all other fighting people: In no case would they slay a coward or would they put obstacles in the way of a fugitive. They do not plunder the wealth or ornaments of a woman, be she a well-to-do lady or a humble servant. There is no adultery among them nor are they given to thieving…”
The Brave Marathas Fought Valiantly Against Abadali in this Battle, Eventually few years later Sikhs Would Defeat Abdali and Khalsa Raj gets established

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