Bathinda Man Threw Acid on Sister in Law For Not Having Affair

Acid attack is the worst thing that can happen to anyone, and the life post the attack is like a hell for the survivor.

Something similar happened with Amanpreet Kaur who was attacked by her own brother in law. Amanpreet stated in several interviews that her sister’s husband wanted to have an affair with her.

She stated during one incident of him behaving rudely with her, she slapped her in the face. The man’s ego was hurt so much that he threw acid on her face.

Amanpreet had over 28 surgeries to fix her face but she still has dozens of surgeries left.

The woman stated that despite all the evidence being provided in court, she was still not able to get justice. She stated the acid thrower had lot of money to help protect him and due to this reason he was not thrown in jail.

Amanpreet Kaur still asks for justice as her sister’s husband roams free. Listen to her story right here.

Here is another interview of Amanpreet Kaur:

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