Hundreds of supporters of the 2 brothers Rupinder Singh and Jaswinder Singh arrested by police on charges of the Bargari sacrilege said they were innocent and in chardi Kala. Rupinder Singh said he was in chardi kala and he wishes the best for the Sikh community.

The brothers were taken to the Faridkot Court and has been put on police remand for questioning.

Today Rupinder Singh, who sustained a serious spinal injury by police during the Kotkapura violence, was carried in to the court of Judge Shveta Das. According to our team who were present in the courthouse, the atmosphere was tense and both Rupinder and his brother Jasvinder Singh, were showing signs of torture at the hands of the police. An application to further extend the police remand period was refused and the Judge sent both brothers to Faridkot Jail until their next hearing in 14 days time.

To everyones shock, police named the two Singh brothers from village Panjgraian, as the accused in the Bargari beadbi case which has led to the Panjab uprising. However, Sikh leaders and organisations, village elders and the worldwide Sikh community have spoken about the injustice of these arrests, as the brothers played no part in the crime, but were in fact responsible for the safe upkeep of the torn pages found scattered across the village.

Parminder Singh and Advocate Kulvinder Kaur from Sikh Relief were in attendance today, as well as hundreds of Sikhs, to support the two brothers and demand their immediate release. Our team met with Rupinder and Jasvinder Singhs elderly father, Darshan Singh and offered our support and legal services.

Rupinder Singh spoke to reporters by dailysikhupdates

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