Bapu Surat Singh on Hunger Strike to Death for Sikh Prisoners, Day 6

Surat Singh Khalsa has gone on Hunger Strike for the release of Sikh political prisoners at village Hassanpura near Ludhiana.

bapu surat

Bapu Surat has entered day 6th of his hunger strike and said he will continue the campaign started by Bhai Gurbaksh for the release of Sikh political prisoners.

He added that he is committed and will not disgrace his faith in his Sikhi. Bhai Surat Singh has started his hunger strike because he had said if Bhai Gurbaksh’s hunger strike gets sabotaged then he will start his own.

Previously, police had detained him twice and now his hunger strike has been started at his home village Hasanpura. Bapu Ji says he’s in full chardi kala and will continue his hunger strike until Sikh political prisoners are returned.

He added that the Government doesn’t want the Sikh Sangharsh to continue but this is the only way to wake them up.

Bhai Surant Singh says ‘Two laws are working in our country the right to equality has been completely eliminated which is a crime”.

“They punished more than their sentence in jail is a major human rights violation”

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