Baljit Singh Daduwal, the Sarbat Khalsa declared Jathedar appealed to the Gurdwara committee of the leamington Spa to retract their police complaint. He further said, “Anand Karaj ceremony is only for those who believe in Guru Sahib and not for two people from different religions.”

The statement by Daduwal is the first of any major Sikh leader following the statement by the Sikh Federation UK, Sikh Council UK, and Federation of Sikh Organizations.

What Happened?

55 Sikh youths peacefully protested against a wedding where one of the parties did not accept the Sikh religion as what they believe in. The youth wanted to uphold the sanctity of the sacred ceremony and protested peacefully. The Youth say that the Sikh Council UK and Akal Takht orders weren’t followed by the Gurdwara Committee and so they were holding a peaceful protest against the committee.

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