on 1984, Bachchan said “Whatever happened in 1984 was terrible and it should never have happened.” When asked about what happened and in his involvement he said ‘it’s militias lies.’ He added that he will fight in court regarding the issue.

When asked about the over 3,000 Sikh lives lost he said it was a terrible tragedy. The host further pressed and quoted Gandhi in saying ‘When a big tree falls, the earth around it will shake’ and asked about his view on the statement and whether he spoke with Gandhi regarding. He said, “I didn’t speak with him on the issue.”

The reason behind the fallout with Rajiv Gandhi appeared to be the 1984 issue from the interview.

Although, he didn’t directly mention the reason of his fallout but one with knowledge about the events can draw a distinction.

Bachchan avoided many questions on his association with the Congress party.

Minute 37 is of prime interest. At Minute 52, the conversation on 1984 starts.

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