Baba Ramdev Makes Wrestling Debut in Haridwar (Video)

Baba Ramdev celebrated the 20th founding of his Ashram in Haridwar by displaying his skills in wrestling.

He has decided to launch a tournament of wrestling and kabaddi at a national level attracting skilled athletes throught India.

Even Baba Ramdev will enter the wrestling ring to exhibit his “dangal” skills that he had picked up during his heydays at the “gurukul”. Leading men and women wrestlers from the country are expected to participate.

Baba Ramdev started his yoga and herbal medicine back in 1995.

He now runs Patanjali Yogpeet, Bharat Swabhiman Trust, Patanjali Research Foundation and Patanjali Gramudhyog.

Many top leaders of the nation are expected to attend the event.

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Wrestlers who have represented India in the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games will participate in the meet

Ramdev said, “The move is also to promote Swadeshi games and sports. Now, we should lay emphasis on the concept of Swadeshi, as our aim is to take Indian sports to greater heights.”

Baba Ramdev Wrestles in Haridwar by dailysikhupdates

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