Baba Gurbaksh Singh Laid His Life to Protect Sri Darbar Sahib 255 Years Ago Today

30 Singhs Against 30,000 Afgan Force, Singhs Defended Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji till Last Breath.
Battle is often Described as a “Marriage with Death”

A Tribute to Jathedar Baba Gurbaksh Singh, An Example of a True Jathedar, Who made a decision to stay at Harmandir Sahib Ji in 1764 to defend against a huge Afgan Force that was approaching. Led Singhs that Fought Valiantly Against a 30,000 Afgan Force.

Defended Darbar Sahib, and Caused Heavy Casualities of the Afgan Army. One of the Most Fearless Khalsa Warriors of All Time. For the Chardi Kala of the Panth He and Other Singhs who Stayed Became Shaheed. After this Battle, The Khalsa Panth Became Stronger then ever and Misls Joined Forces which Would Lead to the Khalsa Raj.

These Sikhs Could have left Darbar Sahib after the Decision of the Sarbatt Khalsa But It’s an Example of the Kind of Jathedars of the Time Who Were Fearless and Went Against Injustice.

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