4 October 2015 – Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale is respected for his fearless Panthic Parchar, regardless of the consequences, but during last night’s major Diwaan, he has released many truths into the public domain and given direct replies to the Jathedars, with candid views. It is highly recommended all Sikhs, particularly those living in Punjab, watch the recording at the above link. During his recent Gurmat Parchar visit in the United States of America, he made a statement against the decision of the Jathedars to pardon, on absurd grounds, the Sauda Saadh for his blasphemous acts against the Sikh community. All others with Panthic interests at heart have also spoken out against the decision and continue to do so, many putting garlands of shoes around photos and burning effigies as marks of protest.

Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa returned to Punjab a couple of days ago in time for the monthly Panthic Diwaan at Parmeshar Dwar which took place yesterday evening. Disturbing information has been disclosed in a spoken statement to hundreds of thousands of people during the Diwaan, live across the world, of a threat he has received from one of the five Jathedars upon his return to India. In light of this, he has voiced explosive opinions on where he stands, in a clear-cut manner and has asked for the support of the Sangat, which was accepted with thunderous ‘Jaikare’. A Jatha Singh had received a telephone call on 2 October 2015 from one of the five Jathedars. If required, the Jathedar will be named in due course and the whole telephone conversation has been recorded as evidence.

What does this Jathedar say? “We gave you support in lying during ‘that time’, but all the Jathedars are now regretting it as you are speaking against us”. The Jatha Singh questioned during what ‘time’ and what was the ‘lie’ which they supported? The Jathedar was making reference to the Sukhwinder Singh allegation in which a young man had made absurd claims that Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa arranged for his hair to be cut. There was never evidence of this then, or now. The Jatha Singh gave proper and unambiguous replies. The Jathedar then made a direct threat that they are conducting meetings in order to take strict action, “Sakht Kaawayi”, against Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale.

Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa explained ‘we gave you support’ means ‘now give us your support’ and that means ‘don’t speak against us’. They are fooling the nation and want help in that cause like some others are giving them. Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa said he would rather be killed than accept this decision and support the Hukamnama.

“I know the Jathedars will be watching the Diwaan and now I too want to say something to you. You gave support, then that is good, so did many others as we were on the truth at that time and we still are. Provide us with even one ounce of proof that we had cut anyone’s hair? Any person can claim anything, some people said that, others claim we ask money for Diwaans, or we drive with a Laal Bathi-red light, or own a so-called non-existent 90 crore rupees mobile phone. Only on that day when there is proof can any of it be believed.”

“They are threatening they will take strict action if we do not accept their decision. Take action. Do what you want, what can you do? You are occupying high positions, but the Panth is not only yours, we too have done service to the nation for 17 years, as well as many others. All five of you are holding a Kirpaan, but it is no longer a ‘Kirpa-aan’, it is now just a Talwaar. You feel you cannot use your Talwaars elsewhere, so you decide to point it at those few Parcharaks who are endeavouring to do something for the nation. That is the meaning of this threat, the so-called strict action. They can do what they want but on this issue, no matter what happens, we will never support the pardon. On this issue, they have attempted to fool the nation. They think we are fools, but they forget we are Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Sikhs and our Guru has made us wise, we are no longer asleep, we are awake. You can’t instil fear in us with threats, the five Kirpaans you are carrying around, are these to scare us? To scare the Parcharaks?”
Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa made it clear they, and the Sikh nation, are by no means against the most supreme Akal Takht and will always be under its sovereignty, but they are against the current system being enforced.

“Then they will say we don’t respect the Akal Takht, but have you yourself upheld its dignity and long-standing principles? The Akal Takht Maryada has been shattered, its principles have been ruined and when it was physically destroyed, it was reconstructed, but now in a different way the Akal Takht is being destroyed from the hearts of the people, respect for its ideology is being lowered within the nation. Today we will have to wake up, we have no need to be scared of their threats. My message to those Parcharaks, Kirtanis, Dhadis, Kathavachaks and organisations with a conscience that is alive, if you don’t wake up now, then you will always remain asleep. Show your unsuppressed spirit and listen to your conscience. Don’t be afraid they won’t let you speak. They can throw Singhs in jails, take everything, but one thing they can never take away is the inner peace of a clear conscience. All must openly declare that we won’t settle for anything less than a total withdrawal of this Hukamnama.”

Due to Parchar by Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa and many others over the last few years, at a time when the Akal Takht had given the original Hukamnama to stand up against the ‘Jhootha Sauda’ Dera collectively, not just thousands but hundreds of thousands of Dera Premis had returned to the Khalsa Panth. During the years, the nation underwent difficulties in upholding that Hukamnama, there were cases registered against Sikhs and clashes between communities. A case was also registered by the Dera against Bhai Ranjit Singh’s Jatha, in Rajasthan, when Dera Premi’s had set themselves on fire in protest of the Diwaans. Three Singh’s have been martyred for this cause and Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa said they are standing with the families of the Shaheeds.

Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa said, “Some people suggested the authorities will create obstacles for us, but it’s too late, we’ll see what happens. We’ve done what we needed to do. They can do what they want, they will make Parchar difficult, in the worst case they may excommunicate me, but whatever happens, we are not scared of their threats and will not be threatened. We have not done anything wrong, so we have nothing to fear. Even if you stop our Parchar, even if you kill me, it is too late. It is the age of the internet and everything is now online, if you stop me from speaking, even if we die, the recordings on the net will forever speak. Have you managed to silence the voice of Parcharaks in the past? The truth can never be silenced. It’s too late, we have awoken.”
Many people in the nation have been seen to have sold out, but it’s the first time it has been seen where people have sold the nation. With such a highly controversial Humaknama, the nation is being sold to the Sauda Saadh, whilst his Cheleh are celebrating across Punjab. The Jathedars are in anger and now their fury has also been recorded.

Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa raised many questions during the Diwaan. If they are claiming the result of not pardoning would have been the disturbance of peace in Punjab due to the ban of the Sauda Saadh’s movie, then how did they get away with not playing in cinema’s the many movies made by Sikhs during recent times? Singh’s have been arrested many times and released many times. In the same way they ‘silence’ the Sikhs on each occasion, why could they not have arrested a few protesting Dera Premis to maintain the peace?
No one is a fool, no one is a child, the fact of the matter is the elections are around the corner. There was no apology, it was a justification that the Sikh nation had ‘misunderstood’. How can a negotiated letter be considered a humble apology? They think we are fools, we are not stupid, we are no longer ignorant, Guru Granth Sahib Ji has made us wise. The Jathedars will need to answer to the Khalsa Panth.

In excess of well over one hundred thousand Sikhs present at the Diwaan raised their arms to confirm their support for Bhai Ranjit Singh’s stance. 510 people also received Amrit.

All Parcharaks, SGPC members and Sikh organisations who are openly standing up against the decision and listening to their conscience are to be thanked. There is no middle stance in this issue. The Diwaan recording evidently shows it is never wise to threaten those Parcharaks who are clearly following a path of truth, with nothing else to lose or fear.

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