Baba Dhadrianwale Speaks Out on Not Attending Sarbat Khalsa


The Sikh nation is going through a challenging period but the Khalsa is always in high spirits.

Some questions are answered straightaway, whilst the answers for others can only come over time. Truth will always emerge in the open eventually.

Similarly, whether anyone has “sold-out” or not is always cleared in time also. One should never ignore the voice of their inner conscience, regardless of the consequences. Listen to this short recording by Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale from 11 November 2015.

Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale responds to not attending the Sarbat Khalsa. He stated his conscience didn’t let him attend the Sarbat Khalsa as the Mattas weren’t of the consensus of the Sangat.

Baba Dhadrianwale's Response to Sarbat Khalsa by dailysikhupdates

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