Baba Dhadrianwale Offers Solution to Unite Sikhs (Video)

Following on from the famous “Singho Panthic Bano” clip released during August 2014, here Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale talk about how the various so-called castes, political parties, and organisations within the Sikh nation have created divisions between the community that was once in unity.

It is the anti-Sikh forces who have then taken advantage of these divisions. Sikhs must eliminate divisions and learn from the positives of all organisations. This live recording clip is from the Kot Duna Diwaan on 4th February 2015.

Baba Dhadrianwale examines the causes of divisions within Sikhs and offers solutions to the problem. He offers a solution of leaving behind the groups Sikhs have been divided into and uniting for a common cause. He says others have benefited by dividing the Sikhs into different factions which has caused immense internal damage.

Baba Dhadrianwale says it’s time to rise above and beat the challenges which have overcome Sikhs.

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