Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale at a Diwan spoke out against the decision of the Akal Takht to pardon Dera Sirsa Sadh.

He Stated:

“Many of these people of power misuse the Sikh organizations, gurbani, and sentiments of Sikhs. Now, the Akal Takht gets misused for their own gains.”

Baba Dhadrianwale said the correct way for apology should’ve been for Sauda Sadh to appear before the Akal Takht and ask forgiveness. Baba Dhadrianwale made it clear that the letter wasn’t an apology letter and the Sadh didn’t denounce what he did.

Baba Dhadrianwale further stated the Akal Takht Hukamnama of 2007 made it clear for Sikhs to not have any ties or associations with the Dera or it’s followers.

He made it clear on how the followers of the Dera were frustrated over the stoppage of Sauda Sadh’s films in Punjab. He went onto say, ” We won’t accept the decision of the Akal Takht because there is nothing about it we should agree about.”

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