Australian Federal Parliament to Celebrate Guru Nanak’s 550th Gurpurab

As the milestone birth commemoration of Guru Nanak moves nearer, different occasions have been sorted out in pretty much every nation around the globe, and Australia is the same.

In what has all the earmarks of being a first in the country’s history, the 550th birth commemoration of Guru Nanak will be praised in the Australian government parliament not long from now.

One of the coordinators, Harkirat Singh Sandhar disclosed to SBS Punjabi, “Since this is a milestone festivity, its lone befitting that it is held in the most noteworthy establishment of Australia. We trust the Prime Minister can go along with us, and we as of now have affirmation from 18 MPs.”

Following poster was issued:

The festival will have a solid multifaith and worldwide angle.

“Aside from dignitaries from Australia and India, there will be visitors from numerous different countries. Besides, speakers of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Nepali foundations will share their appearance about the all inclusive lessons of Guru Nanak,” said Mr Sandhar.

Visitors are normal from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and game plans have just been made for a transport from Sydney to Canberra on the day.

“The feature for us is that youngsters and the more youthful age will take an interest effectively in this festival. They will MC the occasion, recount the Mool Mantar (the principal refrain from the Sikh heavenly sacred texts) and present an interpretation in English. They will likewise sing shabad-kirtan (songs),” he included.

The coordinators state seating is constrained, yet individuals can in any case register their advantage in the event that they’d like to visit.

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