Worldwide audiences have given the film Motor Mitraan di a wonderful response. The highly anticipated film did not disappoint but thoroughly entertained the movie goers. One thing which every review mentioned was the terrific comedy in the film which made the audiences laugh out loud.

Punjabi singer Happy Raikoti gave a tremendous response to the new film ‘Motor Mitraan Di’. He said,”It’s a terrific movie and a must watch for everybody.” The film directed by Amitoj Mann is a comedy film based on the rip off Baba of India. The comedy film teaches a lesson to the general public on the major scam being done by so called “Babas” who promise people change in their lives but instead take their money.

Some of the comments observed on the film:

Muninder Dhaliwal “Brilliant film, breaking boundaries. Amitoj Mann hitting subjects most people won’t. Pls go support the film!
The Guru Granth Sahib Ji is our Guru. ”

Manna Randhawa “At premiere of motor mitraan Di, another great promotion by the team and Ofcourse my brothers dharam Sewa records , a film that brings a very serious message across through the channel of comedy, out now in cinemas folks, respect to all production and all who supported absolutely massive stuff to come in 2017 !!!”

Jess Kaur “Fantastic film Premier last night at Picadilly Cinema Leicester. All I’m saying this is a must watch film I have never laughed so much absolutely funny and a very strong message. Thank you ”

Tubsy Dholki Walla “Just got back from watching #motormitraandi at the premiere viewing in Leicester along with many distinguished guests. I have been an avid fan of Amitoj Mann since #Hawaein and I admire his ability to narrate some very serious issues and important messages in to a production which is of the highest calibre.

#motormitraandi is an out and out hilarious comedy but 1 which very tactfully and very subtly deals with many major issues affecting the punjabi community both in india and across the globe “fake Baba’s” being the main one!

I really enjoyed the film, the cinema was ringing with laughter all the way throughout the film amazing performance by Jograj Singh the king of punjabi cinema Gurpreet Ghuggi and Happy Raikoti Sardar Sohi brilliantly entertaining and very educational GO AND WATCH IT !! ”
In a recent interview Amitoj said, “these Babas have gone so far in fooling people that they recommended them eating Gol Gappe to heal their problems.”

Charanjeet Singh “Just heading back from the Premier showing of this must watch comedy Motor Mitraan Di!
Releasing tomorrow, be sure to watch it. It shows a deep message highlighting the pakhandi saadh’s and the negative impact they are having on vulnerable people with comedy to keep you entertained.”

Amitoj Mann has come out as a fearless director whose tackled topics which others would never even dare think about.

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