Saturday, March 12, 2016: At a Donald Trump for President rally in Dayton, OH, the U.S. Secret Service had to step in to protect Mr. Trump after a scare from a protester.

At the end of the Rally Donald Trump almost got attacked, Secret Service Acted Swiftly to Protect Trump at Dayton Ohio Rally Donald Trump Addresses Protest at Chicago Rally yesterday.

The morning after violence rocked an axed Donald Trump rally in Chicago, tensions were running high at a rally he held in Ohio on Saturday. Protesters continuously interrupted the event, held at Dayton International Airport. At one point security personnel rushed the stage after several people were heard screaming behind Trump. The incident took place moments after another protester was being led out of the event space. Trump had just finished belittling him.

As he tried to resume his speech, several shouts were heard behind Trump and he ducked towards the podium. Members of his security detail rushed the stage and surrounded him.

Trump was visibly sweating throughout the event. He appeared rattled by the encounter.

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