Attack on Sikh Man Handing Out Face Masks Not Communal Says Police

A man named Surender Singh Rana was attacked by a man after he told him to wear a face mask. According to media reports, Surender and his brother Inder were handing out face masks when an argument erupted with a man named Salim Siddique. Surender and Inder Singh handed a mask to Salim and he refused to wear it according to the police.

Police have stated the incident is not communal and it was primarily a disagreement which led to violence. A further clarification was provided stating it was due to a local rivalry.

A video went viral on social media which showed Surender Singh suffering injuries.

Media reports have sited that Inder Singh had an argument with another person in the area resulting in the men teaming up against Inder and his brother Surender. The men went to their home armed with axes and sticks and attacked Surender according to the local police inspector.

The police have stated that Inder shouldn’t have been in the area as he wasn’t allowed due to past incidents and a case was registered against him also.

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