Attack on Manjinder Singh Sirsa Condemned on Social Media

Several people attending the protest against the Delhi police at Mukherjee Nagar Police Station became violent with the five member committee from the Sikh side which met with the police.

The meeting between the Sikhs which included Manjinder Singh Sirsa, Jasvinder Singh Sikh Channel, and other Sikh representatives. The five member committee announced to the Sikhs that they seen an FIR against the police officers but some in the crowd were not satisfied.

The people in crowd demanded to see an actual copy of the FIR which the Delhi police did not release. The members confirmed they had seen the copy and anyone who wishes could go inside and see the copy.

However, some in the crowd became angry and lodged an attack on Manjinder Singh Sirsa where bottles among other things were thrown at him.

Many on social media condemned the attack because united the Sikhs achieved the FIR against the police and the pressure caused results to happen quickly. However, the inner fighting let to disappointment in many people that a cause which was achieved with unity was compromised by inner fighting in the crowd.

Here are some videos and pictures of the incident:

This is a video of the incident:

Here is another video:

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