The life of Imran Sheik has taken an unexpected turn as the man who helped India’s deaf and mute cricket team win the 2005 Cricket World Cup now sells moong kachoris for a living in Vadoora.


Imran Sheikh is the man who scored several half centuries and taking crucial wickets when Team India needed players to step up.

“Cricket is my passion and I want to keep playing. But, my financial condition is not good enough to support my family. Playing deaf and mute cricket matches doesn’t earn me much money. So, I started a nutritious kachori stall with the help of my wife Roza for earning extra income. I also got a temporary job in Gujarat Refinery, thanks to my coach Nitendra Singh,” Imran told Times Of India in an interview.

In the final of the 2005 World Cup against England, Imran scored a valuable 40 runs and bagged 3 wickets, for the win.

Due to financial troubles faced by Imran he might end up quitting cricket altogether.

Many feel the government should step up to help athletes that are struggling financially as they brought glory to the country.

Nonetheless, the story of Imran Sheik inspires many to play cricket but also inspires them to not.

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