For years now, the Sikh community has been ridiculed, insulted, poked fun at, and portrayed as naive idiots, foolish and an object of amusement, all “in good nature.”

While Sikhs are a fun loving community, we DO NOT like when “12 Baje Jokes” or “Santa Banta Jokes” are cracked at our expense. It is not about Sikhs not being able to take a joke, it’s about hurting our religious sentiments.

Bullying is not funny. Nor is making fun of any religion.

A PIL in the Supreme Court is asking for websites specializing in these jokes to be banned. This is our time to take action.

Sign my petition urging the Supreme Court to ban the websites that defame and insult the Sikh community.

The Supreme Court will hear the case soon. If thousands of us sign this petition, we can show it to Honorable Supreme Court of India that racism is not funny.

Sign The Petition : jokes

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