Arvind Kejriwal Says He’ll Join BJP, If Promise Not to Increase Gas Prices

New Delhi: AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal says Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a “great orator” and has sent all the “right” messages but felt delivery of his promises were “very low”.

Kejriwal also suggested that Modi as prime minister has brought some positivity in the country in the last five months, adding only time will tell whether the aspirations of the people will be fulfilled or not.

“He (Modi) is a great orator and he has spoken the right things. But delivery is very low. So let’s see what happens,” the former Delhi Chief Minister told PTI in an interview. The leader of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), who had unsuccessfully challenged Modi in the Lok Sabha polls in Varanasi, criticised the NDA government for failing to keep its poll promises, saying people in the country were still yearning for change. However, he said the hopes of the people have not died down.

“They (NDA) have raised the hopes but they have been very poor on delivery so far. The hopes of the people have not died down. They still exist. People still feel things will change. But everybody says nothing has happened so far,” said Kejriwal, who had led AAP to a stunning victory in assembly polls in December last year. Asked whether Modi dispensation was successful in bringing some positivity to the country, the 46-year-old Ramon Magsaysay award winner, who came into prominence from the agitation of Anna Hazare in support of Jan Lokpal Bill in 2011, said, “That is exactly what.” “The previous government had done nothing.

It was involved in all negative things. It was involved in corruption and price rise. The corruption and prise rise are still there. The old government has gone and this dispensation has given a new hope. Time will tell whether aspirations will be fulfilled or not,” the AAP leader said. On whether he felt Modi emerged as a strong Prime Minister compared to his predecessor Manmohan Singh, the AAP leader said Modi, “speaks very well and sends the right kind of message. Lets see what happens on the delivery part.” PTI – See more at:

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