The artist Nicolas Jurnjack issued a statement to Daily Sikh Updates regarding the video showing a half naked model wearing a Sikh Nihang turban. The video made many Sikhs upset and caused anger.

However, after the artist understood the meanings and symbolism behind the Sikh turban he issued a statement and removed the video.

Here is the statement by the artist:

Dear Daily Sikh updates.

I am writing regarding your post of my video. I have received a letter
from a Sikh explaining in detail why this video has been
misinterpreted and has created so much anger and hatred and his
interest in having a deeper conversation with me, which I look forward

To this end I have removed the video from youtube and as many
screenshots as my webmaster can find. Unfortunately I have no control
over people who decide to use this to create disharmony whether in the
dissemination of an illegally copied video or other forms. But, I will
ask the webmaster to be as thorough as possible to assure as best we
can that this will not continue to fan the flames of divisiveness and
anger – the absolute opposite of my intention for its creation.

Best regards,
Nicolas Jurnjack”

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