A violent robbery took place at a Sikh family’s home in Ilford, UK by masked burglars. The robbery has stunned the neighborhood which is largely composed of Punjabis. The robbers came in a white pick up truck about 5 of them. One of the wearing an alien mask broke through the front door and gave a signal for the rest of them to come inside.

Two people were home a mother and her 17 year old son. The son was told to give money and gold while the mother was being held at knife point. CCTV footage showed the men holding large machetes and knives.

While the burgalars were in the home, the owner of the house backed his car into the driveway. One person managed to escape the home and alerted the home owner to call the police. The man in the CCTV footage on social media could be seen calling the police while the robbers were still inside.

Further details of the robbery was revealed to people who knew the family:

Nirotam Sangar Hi there guys I was at the seen just after this just happened as I was the one who installed the CCTV system in this customers house. We extracted the CCTV footage from the DVR for the police that day. I have known the family for a very long time, and what lovely and kind people they are. Police won’t do anything, let’s all try and catch these people so they can’t do it to anyone else.”

Billa Sio “5 men rushed the house and raided the place took £800 in cash gold and all the phones and iPads and computers. They got them to put in their passwords to the devices so they aren’t tracked. They also took the keys to their 17 plate range too.

They held a knife to their Mum’s throat and then got their 17 year old son and beat him literally dragged him around the house with a knife to him too and then hit him in the face with the back of the blade and cut his face on the way out. Basically said if they don’t cooperate they will kill their Mum.”

Robber breaks front door

Robbers confront woman in home

Other robbers make their way inside

Robbers maker their way inside the home

17 year old son beaten and dragged around the home

17 year old son on knife point

17 year old son being taken upstairs

Mother begs the robber to not hurt them

Father shows up to the house and starts to back his car while the robbers are inside

Father closes his front gate while the robbers are inside

Son escapes home and alerts father

Father makes the emergency call

Son hides behind fence while father makes the emergency call

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