The High Court will be hearing a plea looking into whether the rice Indians are eating is synthetic rice or popularly known as ‘plastic rice’ imported from China.

The court will be seeking a testing of adulterated rice samples. The plastic rice is prepared by mixing mashed potatoes with an Industrial synthetic resin which makes it difficult to distinguish real rice from fake rice. The rice is identified with certain properties after being cooked.

The fake rice doesn’t stick to the hands and smells like potatoes when burned. Also, the rice doesn’t spoil and looks like Styrofoam after an extended time period.

According to the Chinese Restaurant Association, eating three bowls of such rice would be equal to consuming one plastic bag.

The plastic rice has reached India after affecting countries like Philippines an other South-east Asian countries.

In a claim by Mathrubhumi News, plastic rice has been sold all over Kerala and is the same one which has come from China.

The High Court will hear the case on August 20 against the sale of plastic rice which is being mixed in with natural rice.

“Due to globalisation, rice in large quantities is being imported from China and even pulses are being imported from different countries, but no quality test is conducted,” the petition said.

The man behind the application has sought raids against wholesalers and retailers who sell the product in India.

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