A short video on whether we are doing ardaas the right way.

The power that this single prayer possesses is astonishing.

The ardas encompasses so many Sikh and Humanistic values. It is more than just a prayer; it is a new concept of therapy for the elevation of the human spirit, mind and body.

The main features and benefits of Ardas are:
It is a petition to God, the merciful creator of the universe.
It lowers ones ego and brings calmness to ones mental state.
Teaches one Nimrata Humility, Daya Compassion, fearlessness, Chardi Kala.
One is reminded of the level of dedication required to become a better human being.
It gives one inner strength and energy.
It links the mind with the ‘pure ones’ from human history.
It elevates ones spiritual state and builds ones confidence.
It brings a sense of “community” to the person.

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