App inspired by Sikh values connects all communities to serve and uplift

Jyotveer Singh, has developed a new App to support users to capture and share inspiring moments, helping uplift others through motivating posts and interactions. Driven by the slogan “No one is a stranger to me and I am friend of all”, the compassion App encourages local communities to go beyond self-interest and give of oneself for the good of the other.



The AnonCare App fuses technology and age old values to create a shared responsibility for the well-being of others. Through positive interactions, users are actively encouraged to empower and inspire others in isolation or poor health. Current trending conversions on AnonCare include ‘acts of kindness’, ‘daily inspiration’ and ‘beautiful photos’, showcasing AnonCare as a force for good.

The system goes beyond the ‘comment, share and like’ features of traditional social networks, by introducing, ‘wish well’ and ‘offer a prayer’ buttons on user feeds, helping compassion to go viral. The innovation aims to network and support communities across the globe.

Since its launch, the App users have shared over 5,000 likes, 2,000 prayers and 1,500 well wishes in response to posts.

The App takes inspiration from the Sikh faith, endorsing the acts of selfless service, love and compassion. By utilising the concept of selfless service, it is hoped the App will create a shared responsibility for the wellbeing of others, empowering users to go beyond caste and creed to support others.

Patron of AnonCare and Chairman of Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha (GNNSJ), Bhai Sahib Bhai Mohinder Singh Ji OBE said: “Sikhs are taught that all communities, indeed the entire human race, is one large human family, it is vital to promote cohesion.”

The innovation is currently being piloted by the NHS, which currently sees over one million patients every 36 hours. Active use of AnonCare among the patient community aims to reduce over-reliance on healthcare services by creating much needed inter-dependency in the community setting.

Jyotveer Singh, Founder and developer of AnonCare said: “As Sikhs we believe we are one large family. If someone is sad or vulnerable it is our joint duty to take care of them.
This is why we have developed an exciting App that allows communities to support and uplift the sick and vulnerable through motivating posts. We know together, we can make a difference. I would encourage everyone, of all faiths and none, to download the App and start inspiring.”

The ‘AnonCare’ App is available now to be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and iTunes.

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