Rare videos released from the archive of the Associated Press shows protests by Sikhs in the 70s and 80s.

Thousands of Sikhs take to the streets of New Delhi to protest at the attempted ban on the wearing of turbans.

‘Leaders of the Akali Sikh sect were arrested in Delhi on Saturday (4 nov 78) after demonstrating outside the headquarters of a rival sect, the Nirankaris. The Akalis claim that the Nirankari sect have published two books which satirise the Akali beliefs and “abuse” their gurus’ AP

‘Indian paramilitary troops opened fire on Sikh protesters to stop them from storming a mosque in Kashmir on Monday.’

‘Over 30,000 Sikhs take an oath to fight for the autonomy of their state or commit mass suicide as a protest. Ceremony takes place at Akal Takhat – highest seat of the Golden Temple in the capital of Punjab, the Sikh state’ AP

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