BBC is under severe criticism from the Sikh community once again.

Since the live broadcast of the Sunday Morning Live show on 18th October 2015, it has transpired that Anita Kapoor, one of the so called Sikh experts bought onto the show was passed off as a Sikh Councillor when in fact she was elected out of Ealing Council in May 2014. She was also introduced by the BBC as a “former” member of (SACRE) Standard Advisory Committee for Religious Education with no current credentials to support her invitation by the BBC as a Sikh community leader or expert.


Anita Kapoor offended thousands of Sikhs with her tone and references to the eternal Guru of the Sikhs, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj as “The Granth Sahib” and connected the Anand Karaj to a Hindu Wedding Ceremony. She then went on to say “Young people [Sikhs] are becoming so narrow focused in to trying to find an identity.”

When corrected by other Sikh panellist Jagmeet Singh, of Basics of Sikhi, who explained that Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj is ”not an idol for Sikhs”, Anita Kapoor shook her head in disgust and said the word “sad” indicating her opposition to Sikh beliefs.

This is not the first time Anita Kapoor has offended Sikh sentiments. Several weeks back she called into a BBC Asian Network radio network show, again passing herself off as a Councillor and condemning Sikhs for safeguarding the institutional protocol of the Anand Karaj ceremony where both partners partaking in the ceremony must be Sikh.

Anita Kapoor has also phoned in live into Sikh Channel shows passing herself off as a Councillor and made accusations that by discussing the atrocities of 1984 and the Sikh Genocide, the show presenter was spreading hatred.

Anita Kapoor has a history of offending people, in February 2014 on a Venus TV discussion show on domestic violence she came under fire for claiming “As women … we’ve opened our legs but not our brains”. She went onto claim that mothers are solely responsible for the wellbeing of their children, warning women that “with freedom and financial independence also comes responsibility.” Her comments were picked up as extremely sexist by the mainstream British community.

In a response to Southall based Sikh Organisation Dal Khalsa UK, Councillor Fabio Conti Chairman of Ealing Conservative Association stated:

“Firstly I would like to make clear that Anita Kapoor has not been a Conservative Councillor since May 2014 and she was not representing the Conservative Party on Sunday Morning Live or any other radio/TV show that she has been on in recent months. The programme was factually incorrect displaying the word Councillor under her name as she has not been one for over a year”

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