In a tragic incident, Jaswinder Singh of Amritsar was killed by his wife Parwinder Kaur and her lover Amarjit Singh. They wife made a fake story of a robbery but police investigation revealed that the murder was committed by his wife and lover. The incident occurred on August 29th, 2016 when the wife of Jaswinder carried out a plan with her lover to kill her husband brutally.

Police revealed that insurance of 14 lakh was made on Jaswinder Singh. Parwinder first tried to poison her husband by putting sleeping pills in his milk and tried to electrocute him. However, Jaswinder was able to wake up and then her lover slit his throat and killed him. Police further revealed that after the murder Parwinder went to the Gurdwara where his mother in law and kids were present. She told them that she’d fed Jaswinder and he had fallen asleep.

The two suspects are in police custody and further investigation is underway.

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