Animated Video: Tribute to Mata Sahib Kaur Ji

Known as the “Mother of the Khalsa” Mata Sahib Kaur Ji earned the distinction by instilling the first Amrit with the sweetness that balances its fierceness. Mata Sahib Kaur, who was called ‘Sahib Devan’ was the Mother of the Khalsa. Mata Sahib Kaur Ji accompanied Guru Sahib throughout his life.

According to Mahankosh, On Vaisakhi 1699, in the first Amrit-Sanchaar, it is said Mata Sahib Kaur Ji participated in the sewa of the Amrit-Sanchaar by adding Pataasey (sugar wafers) to the Amrit, and was bestowed the honour of eternal motherhood of Khalsa Panth.

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