Sikh activists once again came together to create a twitter storm to promote the Legacy of the Anand Karaj and counter the UK media’s negative bias towards the Sikh religious ceremony.

Propelled by an anti-Sikh sentiment, it has been evident that the British media show a lack of interest in positive Sikh stories and will always sensationalise a Sikh story which allows the mainstream to portray the negative connotations they seem to want to project.

Sensational headlines of the Sikhs practices and protocols shows the mainstream media’s real appetite to cover Sikh stories. Sikhs are not new to adverse media portrayals and been victims of the Indian media for several decades.

Lazy journalism means that news agencies are happy to copy and paste each others stories and thereby through joint enterprise they send the same tone out to their readers.

To counter this negativity, Sikhs from across the UK started tweeting the hashtag #AnandKaraj which quickly went viral and started trending reaching No 5.


The awareness campaign bought many powerful comments forward.

On prominent Sikh tweeter wrote “#Anandkaraj is the building blocks of our future. Rehat Marayada framework shapes our social/spirtual identity. Nothing sinister about that”

A non-Sikh tweeter wrote “Following the debate on Twitter about #AnandKaraj. Have a question. If someone isn’t Sikh, why are they having one? Kinda pointless?”

Another passionate Sikh tweeted “Media and people with their own agendas have been spreading lies about the Sikh #Anandkaraj”

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