Anand Sahib in the Ancient Form of Raga Ramkali (Bhairao-Ung)

“Anand Sahib (Guru Amar Das) in the ancient form of Raga Ramkali (Bhairao-Ung), finally…
The audio is recorded, on the “poor” hardware that gets fitted in quality DSLR’s (and I have a noo ‘un at that [ ], at the Sainik Farm residence of Sardar JP Singh and Neera Kaur this Sunday evening. Courtesy Delhi Kirtan Sabha and K. T. S. Tulsi. The young brigade sitting besides me and playing are not at all my regular accompanists and how can they be. Their turbans are so tidy – beards so neat while mine chronically unruly and I, the rebel eternal. Ruthless. Romantic. Bored – even wretched!
I would like to dedicate this composition of mine to my younger granduncle, the maestro extraordinaire, Bhai Avtar Singh Ragi for in 1998, he showed me that one particular signature of this raga. Ever since, it has been a joy.
I am not as wild as I sometimes can be when I sing Anand Sahib, but nevertheless, I am sharing this for you all.
—Joy. Happiness. A pinch of melancholy believe me—some Virha, some Vairaag!” Bhai Baldeep Singh

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