An Incredible Story of 1978 Shaheed Bhai Avtar Singh

Via Akhand Kirtani Jatha Birmingham

1978 Shaheed Bhai Avtar Singh jee and Rangley Sajaan Dr Surinder Singh

Once at Ludhiana Samagam, Dr Sahib requested Bhai Avtar Singh to eat food prepared by him at such and such place. This was morning time of the day when Ran Subaayee was to occur at night. Bhai Avtar Singh jee said that he would eat langar prepared at the Samagam but Dr Sahib insisted on his request. Bhai Avtar Singh jee promised to come shortly but later on forgot about it. At night Ran Subaayee started and it was towards the end of Ran Subaayee that Bhai Avtar Singh remembered that he had promised to eat parshaada prepared by Dr Sahib.


He rushed to the place where Dr Sahib had asked him to come. When he reached there, he found that Dr Sahib was sitting in Samadhi and food that he had prepared was lying in front of him covered with by a piece of cloth. Bhai Sahib was filled with Bairaag and Dr Sahib too very lovingly served food to Bhai Sahib.

When Bhai Avtar Singh was done eating and was about to leave, Dr Sahib came out to see him off. At that point, Dr Sahib’s eyes were filled with tears and he went forward and hugged Bhai Sahib. Then he revealed that, both of them had separated from river Sirsa and after that incident, they met now, after so many hundred years. By river Sirsa separation he meant that both of them were with Guru Sahib during the Siri Anandpur Sahib battles.

Bhai Avtar Singh’s personality, style, talk and behaviour resembled Puratan Singhs of 1700s. His talk was very influential and effective.

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