Amritdhari Singhniya forced out of the Annual Toronto Khalsa Day Parade were forced out of the parade. The Kaurs have come out and stated that they received permission from the Panj Piyare to be part of the parade. It’s important to note that the Singhniya were part of the parade procession in past years.

A person present at the Toronto Parade stated:

“Sharan Kaur I was near by the Singhnia when all this happened – at one point I’m seen in the video as well.

They gave us zero explanation as to why. Even in the main diwan hall before the nagar Kirtan started as I was standing near by the Singhnia in seva the comitee uncles came a few times and said we should leave. I asked multiple times as to why and if anything we have done in the past years was wrong. But to no avail – none of the comitee people had an explanation. All they said was “eh decision leya geya” (why? I don’t know!)

If they had one we would certainly comply – we don’t enjoy being disgraced like this

All we asked was for an answer to why this decision was made whereas it was never a problem for the past 4 years.

I’ve written a detailed summary on my page as I witnessed it all. I will now add on the fact that singhnia walked in front of the float to avoid being pulled away again….”

Rajvir Khalsa Virji we took permission from Panj Peyare in front of Guru Granth Sahib ji, but still.”

Rajvir Khalsa One of Bhai sahib came and told me that we cannot walk near Panj Peyare, but you Bibiyan can take place somewhere else (you can see it on video time 0.33). That’s what we did, we took place in the middle of gatke wala truck and ngare wala truck. But again we were removed from that place before reaching lake shore road by MANJEET PARMAR – Member of OSGC with the help of police. (You can see it in last 30 seconds video)”

The following comments were observed:

Gurpreet S.D. Such an outright shame this happened. We need to mobilize and stand in solidarity with the Kaurs who display their strength in Sikhi! Young Sikh women need role models like these Amritdhari Singhniya!”

Baghael Kaur what if a Panj Piare of Kaurs attended Malton Nagar Kirtan this weekend, along with supporters? Even if they are asked to leave, and agree to comply, the turning away of them is in itself significant, and can be likewise recorded and used to demonstrate the state of things. These are our streets, our Guru Sahib, our Sikhi, our Rightful Place to Rise Up!”

”┬áThethy The Panj Pyare Kaurs have never been denied their right to be a part of the procession, then why this time? No one has the right to deny anyone else their right to participate in the Nagar Kirtan. The “Parade Marshalls” are Sevadaars to ensure that peace, order, the sanctity of the Nagar Kirtan and things flow in a timely manner, but they don’t have any right to deny anyone their right to participate. I think this matter should be investigated, those responsible to account for the reasons for their actions and an apology made. I think all those present in the video should be questioned.”

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