KS Makhan has lost the respect of all his Sikh fans after appearing in what seems to be his 2nd cult video on the Ravidassias movement.

KS Makhan took Amrit in 2013 in a highly commendable act to begin to walk the path of Khalsa. This meaning that you believe Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as your living Guru and you follow panthic Maryada of Khalsa Panth. KS Makhan an Amritdhari Sikh is seen idol worshipping in the latest video.

Whilst Sikhs hold Bhagat Ravidass Ji in the highest respect and bow to their bani, it must be noted that due to caste discrimination a part of the Ravidassia community decided to start their own cult and remove Bhagat Ravidass Jis bani by creating their own granth which led to further divisions in the Khalsa Panth.

This resulted in volatile tensions between Sikh groups and Ravidassia community. In reality, we should all be able to sit and try to be under Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as it had been for hundreds of years.

KS Makhans 2 videos which promote the cult songs send a very confused message to all Sikhs and it is against the conduct of one who takes Amrit. Idol worship of statues is seen in his latest video something the Great Bhagat Ravidass Ji was against themselves.

You can see the videos below for yourself and see the cults created to further divide society.

Video 1 Sikh Jaikara changed

Video 2:

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