Vivid color, graceful forms, and bold strokes mark the truly remarkable life and work of Indian painter, , Amrita Sher-Gil. Today’s Doodle honors the “Indian Frida Kahlo,” who left no holds barred in her work, or in her life. Her paintings speak volumes of her passionate lifestyle and relentless desire to express herself through her canvasses.

Sher-Gil studied and practiced in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, where she got her start as an artist and life consummate bohemian. Over time, her work became a clear salute to the feminine form, and Sher-Gil into an uncompromising talent.

The inspiration for this Doodle, by Jennifer Hom, is Sher-Gil’s painting “Three Girls”, available to view on the Google Cultural Institute.


To create the final version, Hom reworked the image to match Sher-Gil’s style and signature attention to the tone, texture and color of skin and clothing. Sher-Gil, whose parents are Hungarian and Indian, was influenced by both eastern European and South Asian styles and standards of female beauty.

Much of Amrita Sher-Gil’s work is in the public domain—you can see it online at the National Gallery of Modern Art.

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