America’s Most Watched Comedy Show Pays Tribute to Indian Farmer Protests

America’s most watched comedy show the Daily Show featuring Trevor Noah did a special tribute to the farmer protesters in India in the segment “If you don’t know, now you know.”

The segment showed the farmer protest struggle and the response of the government in 15 minutes and provided a perspective of the damages corporate farming can have on the small scale farmer in India.

Trevor Noah is from South America and works for the Daily Show of the American Network Comedy Central

Trevor Noah showed how damaging a free market system where corporate players are involved can cause distress to farmers.

Meena Harris thanked Trevor Noah for featuring the farmers.

Thank you @Trevornoah for using your platform to draw attention to this global workers’ rights issue that has led to police violence, attacks on free speech, and other human rights concerns. “We cannot take farmers for granted. Nowhere in the world. We need farmers.”

Dilip Mandel asked the Indian government to ban the show:

MPP from Brampton Gurattan Singh thanked Trevor Noah for his support:

More support for Trevor Noah: