American Police Officer Saves Life of Punjabi Boy

The Punjabi community was in shock in California when a video of a boy was seen on social media. The boy had overdosed and the onsite police officers had just minutes to save the boy’s life. Due to the excellent training of the police officers they were able to quickly save the boy’s life.

The drug epidemic of Punjabis is not just limited to Punjab but has spilled over to the United States and Canada. Canada is home to some of the largest Punjabi drug gangs especially in the Surrey region.

Police stated the boy wasn’t responding when they arrived on the scene. After the police man tried to revive the man with suction techniques through a pipe, the man’s airwaves started to open up. Incredibly, the boy started to respond after he was able to breath again.

The reaction of the police officer at the end was very sarcastic and implied that such incidents have occurred before with the Punjabi community.

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