The police of the city of Madison beat up a 57 year old Gujarati Indian while he was walking on the sidewalk near his son’s home. The police beat the man so badly he was left temporarily paralyzed and hospitalized with a vertebrae fused.

The son of the man said “he always walks on the side street everyday.” He said “They put him to the ground.”

The police admitted there was no crime committed and the police also issued a statement stating the officer was suspended. The police have started an investigation trying to figure out why there was a use of force and are wishing the paralyzed man a “speedy recovery”.

The Indian man had just arrived from India to live with his son in a fast growing neighborhood in Madison, Alabama. He was brought over from India to help take care of his 17 month old boy.


The son Chirag patel was shocked the incident occurred as he says the area is a “good neighborhood.”

The police had received a phone call where someone reported a person going through stuff of people’s garages.

In the statement the police released, it states “The caller, who lives in the neighborhood did not recognize the subject and thought him to be suspicious,” reads the statement released by police.

The family’s attorney issued a statement saying the man was minding his own business and not looking at anyone’s garages.

The police mistakenly thought the 57 year old man was the suspect they’d be looking for and blamed their negligence by saying there was a “communication barrier.”

Another statement by the police read:

“The subject began putting his hands in his pockets,” reads the police statement. “Officers attempted to pat the subject down and he attempted to pull away. The subject was forced to the ground, which resulted in injury.”

Here is how the police manhandled the Indian man.

2 officers walk up to Sureshbhai Patel pulled his arm behind his back and threw him on the floor face down causing the man to unconscious.

The man bled has the paramedics arrived and was taken to the local hospital.

Frustrated the way the police handled the situation, Chirag said “Officers who come to conclusions before understanding the situation shouldn’t be on the streets”

The man’s spine became swelled and a surgery had to be performed to fuse two of the man’s vertebrae. The entire left side of the man is still paralyzed and unable to use both arms.

The son is devastated as he says he might have made a mistake coming to America if he knew this would happen to his father.

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