Amnesty International’s Indian public affairs and market research officer has approached Seva84 for assistance to ensure primary information is obtained in order to secure the successful re investigation into the 1984 November Genocide.

This is because Seva84 has been working with, and providing aid to the survivors of the 1984 genocide who are living below the poverty line for over 3 years now.
In late 2014 Amnesty international launched a campaign for an Independent Special Investigation Team to reopen all cases, including closed cases and to reinvestigate the killings of Sikhs in 1984. Salil Shetty, Secretary for amnesty International has stated there has been 30 years of impunity for the crimes that were committed. He said justice has been denied for three decades, and further commented that it is a national disgrace. He closed his statement by stating

“Amnesty International stands in solidarity with the survivors, their families and the communities in calling for justice. Together we urge the government to establish independent and effective investigations into all cases including closed cases of anti-Sikh violence in 1984 and when sufficient and admissible evidence is found authorities must prosecute the accused and bring those responsible to justice, whether they are political leaders, police or the government officials. No body is above the law.”

This month a candle light vigil was held in Tilak Vihar, also known as the Genocide Widow Colony which was later moved to the Seva84 office, Delhi due to poor weather conditions.

Phase 1 of Amnesty International’s campaign was to obtain 100,000 votes of support. They set up a specific number for supporters of this campaign to call. Over 400,000 votes were registered.

Phase 2 of Amnesty International’s campaign was to obtain first hand testimonies of the survivors of the genocide, and to gather enough evidence that could be used legally. Seva84 are pleased to have assisted with this as we know the backgrounds of those we work with.
India has repeatedly failed to deliver Justice from 1984 to date. Despite this, Seva84 will gladly continue to voluntarily help those who have a genuine interest in perusing justice, or relief to survivors of the 1984 November Genocide.

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