Many Sikhs, and non-Sikhs, came together under one Nishaan Sahib to commemorate yet another Holla Mohalla event at Sikh Gurdwara San Jose.

The event was started by our tenth Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee, who asked His beloved Sikhs to get together to learn self-defense through the art of Gatka and Shaster Vidhiya as well as partake in many other fun, inspirational and spiritual activities.

There was a turnout of approximately 8,000+ people who attended throughout the day – far more than the estimated 5,000 people which attended last year. This event continues to grow every year as the Gurdwara continue to improve and add more activities. Some of the attractions were fresh grilled corn on the cob, sweet sugar cane juice, a wide range of Indian snacks, basketball tournament, volleyball tournament, running races, pony rides, horse riding, gatka, dhadhi vaars, keertan, katha, dharmik songs, shopping stalls and much more.

Sevadars spent months organizing this event for the sangat and had been doing seva at the Gurdwara all week, even taking days off work, to prepare.


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